Monday, 12 July 2010

Campaign goes from strength to strength

The weekend has seen articles from the Times Magazine and the Sunday Express. David James Smith presented Jeremy and the case in a sensitive manner and focused more on what actually happened than being explicit about the evidence. Nevertheless, the article which consisted of a number of pages including the cover was positive about the case and presented Jeremy in an optimistic light in a style that has never been done before. This article provoked comment from the Daily Telegraph who echoed Jeremy's belief that his relatives had fabricated evidence in order to inherit money from his family's estate.

The significance of the Times Magazine giving Jeremy a voice cannot go unnoticed, as a serious broadsheet newspaper it provided a platform for him to verbalize complaints about the fabricating of evidence by witnesses using their names and the implications of this are huge for Jeremy's campaign. As we all know there is considerable evidence to substantiate his claims including Police documents as seen on the newly launched

Like supporters, Jeremy was pleased with the Times Magazine article but had hoped it might have focused closer on the evidence available. He, like his campaigners is now calling for the Police to arrest those involved in the fabrication of evidence.

Support on face book continues to grow with the startling number of friends that the new Jeremy Bamber profile has. Sadly the first profile set up by his supporters was removed for unspecified reasons. But that doesn't seem to be stopping the loyal team who have set up again and the friends are growing at pace. The importance of this profile cannot go unnoticed as it pushes case data right into friends status updates increasing public awareness of this unfair conviction. From the status updates it also appears that they have been inundated with friend requests from concerned individuals along with messages from well wishers. They must be up until very late accepting friend requests!

Taking their lead from the Sunday Express, (who also reported the findings of Peter Sutherst) the local newspaper in York, near HM Full Sutton where Jeremy Bamber is held gave credence to the fact that Jeremy has now officially been allowed to interact with supporters who operate facebook sites for him.

The number of supporters who wrote to the media last week was high and the papers have noted that there is public concern, supporters are encouraged to continue to do so, some of whom are including Michael Howard who was Home Secretary when he ordered an investigation to be carried out as it is now proven that both the PCC and the COLP had uncovered the truth but duped the Home secretary into believing there had been nothing untoward in this case.

Jeremy appreciates all of the support from people who have written to him and to the people who make decisions over his future. But he is not home yet and we have to keep on working to make a difference. There will be a number of articles in the media over the coming weeks so watch this space and do everything you can to help get Jeremy home soon thank you.

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber