Sunday, 13 February 2011

"The CCRC's provisional document"

"The CCRC's provisional document of course outlines the detail for their decision. This document provides the Defence team with information on how to further approach the case so that preparations can be made to bolster the evidence set out initially.

This has been frustrating for me as the CCRC stopped me from submitting more evidence in July last year, then they took over six months to make a provisional judgement on Friday and now they have given another three months before a final judgement. The advantage now is that the document finally presents clarity to myself and my legal team. Three months is not a long time to prepare evidence from forensic specialists but it is possible and there will be a number of submissions from highly reputable and experienced experts with whom we have already made arrangements.

Requests from the media to see the provisional judgement of 89 pages in response from the CCRC have presently been declined as it cannot currently be made public for legal reasons. The very brief overview below is the only indication I can give which roughly outlines the contents.

I have also had a number of emails both direct to me through and to my campaign team from well wishers and outraged individuals who are as shocked as I am to find that the evidence submitted so far (almost 200 pages) has been knocked back. I appreciate all of your concern, support and assistance offered to me.

I feel very positive as now I will finally be allowed to submit the evidence I wanted to back in July and this is very strong material. I know my conviction cannot and will not be sustained by the DPP with this new evidence. I will be a free man again very soon."

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber