Friday, 13 May 2011

Key Negatives to Ensure the Freedom of Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy’s lawyer and a member of the Forensic Science Service will have to sign a disclaimer that the photographs released to them will not be used in the media. This will be the first time that all of the disclosed negatives at the CCRC will have been released to a laboratory for high resolution images to be made. Previous disclosure by the CCRC involved only one forensic scientist examining them at the CCRC offices in Birmingham as they would not permit the images to leave their possession.

Jeremy is very happy with the decision which has taken then CCRC three months a needless time period given that the request is usually standard procedure. Jeremy and his supporters have fought tirelessly to get disclosure from the CCRC. Essex Police are still in possession of further negatives which have been deliberately cut from the crime scene strips and this was denied by Essex Police head of Photography Mr Eastbrook.

The release of the negatives from the CCRC comes after intervention by student groups, media and members of the public demanding the release of this vital evidence showing a number of discrepancies which include, photographs of the x-ray’s of Sheila Caffell’s neck with a fragmented bullet which was produced as a whole bullet at trial. Also included in these pictures are shots of the replacement backdoor which was photographed during the SOCO search of the house and never mentioned to the Defence, there is no record of who carried out the work on the door just feet away from where the body of Nevill Bamber was still present.

There are also pictures of the gun cupboard never released which should show the sound moderator later ‘found’ by relatives. There are further pictures detailing Sheila Caffell with the gun in no less than 4 different positions on her body. Further pictures of the mantle showing that there were no scratches present on the 7th of August but by the 12th September scratches made during the ‘alleged struggle’ in the kitchen had appeared mysteriously.

There has also been a final attempt to obtain key documents withheld by Essex Police, in some cases this is the third freedom of information request made by Jeremy Bamber. Unfortunately the CCRC has not been able to fulfil its role in getting the relevant documents from them.

It is not a question of if Jeremy is released but when.

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber