Thursday, 23 June 2011

"Everything you do to help is important in our fight for Justice"

An update on my submissions to the CCRC things are going really well and we have uncovered many key pieces of evidence as the team have been very resourceful in obtaining documents which we haven't ever seen before. This has now put us ahead with the case and we are further awaiting the findings of forensic specialists. After the development of 402 case photographs (but not every photograph held by Essex Police) we have made some remarkable discoveries which will add to my new submissions.

The campaign continues to push the boundaries further and more and more people are on board including a number of volunteers with legal backgrounds and forensic expertise. I feel honoured that so many people have come forward to help me with the work load and asses new documents never seen by my Defence, in my fight for justice I always remember that you NEVER know what is just around that corner and in this case it has proven to be true.

The documents held on our share have grown into a huge resource which after my release will be donated to various law schools for case studies in return for their work in helping me fight my case for freedom.

I have realized in the past few months just how many people care about me, support me and my fight for justice and this is a sign that our society does care about justice for the wrongly convicted despite so many cases being buried.

My lawyers have prepared a case for my whole life tariff to be heard after the final submissions to the European Court of Human Rights in August this year.

So the 22nd of July is approaching and it will be a whole year since the CCRC started their decision making process where they disallowed more submissions. At least this way the extra year has enabled us to unearth so much more through so many different resources and not long from now we will look back on this work as a time of great achievement.

I've been behind on my letters to people so please bear with me. I really appreciate your notes and kind words and also all of the support each person offers in their own way, because every single thing you do to help is important in our fight for justice.


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber