Sunday, 10 July 2011

"The truth will be known and I will continue to speak it freely"

"Apologies that there hasn’t been much case news of late but we have been facing a few delays in some areas relating to permissions from the CCRC but I can’t go into details about this. However, the team are taking advantage of the time we have left and have worked extremely hard on further documents.

I have been working late into the night on my case in preparation for further revelations as a result of documents the Defence have never seen before. Many of these were kept from me under old regulations and when the Freedom of Information act came into force I recently have been able to obtain a number of further records easily.

Although these new finds have made a huge difference to my case, and I know my freedom is now very close as a result, there are still documents which are being withheld. I am currently awaiting documents from my second Freedom of Information request this year and anticipate that Essex Police will come up with more excuses as to why I cannot have access to documents that provide vital evidence in my case.

The past week has been an interesting one with the Police in court over the framing of the Cardiff Three, sadly Yusef Abdullahi has not lived to see these criminals brought to justice which has been far too long in coming.

Again the phone hacking scandal has raised questions over the honesty and integrity of many police officers. Recent events show that this sort of corruption and bribery has continued throughout our justice system since the 1970’s at least.

For me freedom is just around the corner now, but we are behind on our letter writing campaign which has been delayed as a result of further submissions taking precedence over this latest push.

Submissions to the European Court regarding my whole life tariff have also been completed. I am extremely pleased with the work submitted by my legal team and I am sure that the illegally imposed whole life tariff will return to its original 25 years so I will be eligible for parole. I do think it unlikely that my freedom will come through this route as my conviction will be overturned before then.

I will not be striking any deals and I will not be gagged, the truth will be known and I will continue to speak it freely.

Once again I want to thank those people who have proudly stood by me and remain resolute in fighting alongside me for justice. You will not be forgotten and I will join you all on the outside as a free man in no time at all".


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber