Sunday, 7 August 2011

Another Anniversary for Jeremy

Another anniversary for Jeremy … the 26th anniversary of the deaths of Nevill, June, Sheila, Daniel and Nicholas … and another anniversary that Jeremy is forced to remember within the confines of a Category A prison. Anniversaries are times when we remember … we turn our thoughts back to the beginning … whether it’s a birthday, a wedding anniversary or the year’s mind of a death.

In Jeremy’s case it is five deaths … most of us thankfully will never have an anniversary like that. And as we all know these tragic deaths have almost been obscured by the deliberately protracted legal processes as well as the various debates in the public arena. Mostly we can spend our year’s mind anniversaries in a contemplative way perhaps with loved ones where we can recall special memories which may make us laugh or cry or just muse quietly.

Jeremy has some wonderful memories of each of his deceased family and he has shared some of those memories with his close friends. It would be wholly inappropriate to put any of those precious recollections into this blog but each of us who know Jeremy well will spend a lot of today thinking about him and his much loved family and we will become even more determined to work with this remarkable man in the quest to secure his freedom from the injustice which has been done to him.

For today though, let us remember Nevill, June, Sheila, Daniel and Nicholas and let us quietly support Jeremy as he remembers.


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber