Thursday, 15 December 2011

"2011 has been a year which has seen many different events for my case"

“The CCRC have agreed in principal that I should have a further extension of time for submissions up until 31st January 2012. This is to allow full forensic reports to be sent to the CCRC along with detailed submissions as planned previously. The CCRC have not elaborated on whether they will be able to disclose the Event and Scene logs that we have requested.

2011 has been a year which has seen many different and sometimes unexpected events for my case. Although I am not unused to taking knock back’s in my case, the provisional ruling not to refer my case for appeal came from the CCRC back in February and was a great surprise to us all. Fortunately there have been many avenues not already explored at the trial or subsequent appeals which we are now investigating. The addition of many documents has unearthed so much more in the case and gave the campaign renewed vigour and knowledge.

Crime scene photographs developed electronically at high resolution which have never been seen, gave us many new areas for exploration and also a greater understanding of how poorly the investigation was handled by Essex Police officers. We have been able to raise awareness of my case and also gained a great amount of public support which has often overwhelmed me with letters of kindness. But this year has also seen how the judiciary handles complaints very badly in light of the events which triggered riots and also in the collapse of the trial of police officers involved in the wrongful convictions of the Cardiff Three.

I am confident that there will be justice for me. There is a wealth of evidence prepared and presented to the judiciary in my case which has been ignored. Let’s hope the latest evidence will be heard by a court in the New Year. Eddie Gilfoyle and Sue May are also just two people who have felt frustration and the disappointment of a system which seeks to maintain wrongful convictions without considering the wider issues of innocence and a safer society through a more transparent justice system that admits mistakes and learns from them.

I have already spoken to many people and written at length on the two sound moderators in my case and how this was concealed from the jury and perverted the course of justice, the trail of fabricated evidence is plainly shown throughout forensic documents. There have also been many revelations concerning the reliability of prosecution witnesses. The uncovering of new evidence is only possible through a great amount of work by my lawyers and campaigners who help tremendously. I am confident that 2012 will see justice done and my freedom will bring the whole truth to light at last.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.”


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Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber