Thursday, 8 December 2011

Will the CCRC close the case on Jeremy Bamber?

The CCRC advised Jeremy that they intend to close their case on him if there are no submissions made tomorrow. The advice comes after the defence requested a extension until January. Lawyers representing Jeremy have asked if some of the submissions could be rushed through and submitted by Monday the 12th of December at the latest but it remains to be seen if these would be taken into consideration.

The Defence made requests to the CCRC back in July with letters from forensic scientists requesting to see original scene and event logs which needed to be obtained from Essex Police using Section 17 of the Criminal Appeals act. All requests were ignored. The Defence has been unable to carry out forensic work as a result.

The CCRC was not willing to take into consideration their own delays which have resulted in the defence being unable to complete forensic work. They also would not consider that Jeremy Bamber has had a change of legal representation and that the case files are considerably comprehensive.

Jeremy Bamber has raised new complaints with the IPCC and Essex Police after crime scene photographs showed police disrespect including fooling around within just feet of where there body of Nevill Bamber lay in the kitchen. Further complaints were raised last month after it was discovered that allegations of theft from the Bamber estate by a key prosecution witness in 1986 were not addressed for over 13 months, an investigation was looked into but never carried out as police felt it best to delay until after the first appeal of Jeremy Bamber.

Jeremy Bamber said this evening "I will keep fighting. I am and innocent man and I will never stop until I am a free man with my name fully cleared."

Jeremy Bamber can re-apply to the CCRC but this would put his case to the 'bottom of the pile' which is of no great significance considering the CCRC have held his case since 2004 and acheived nothing execpt to continually obstruct Jeremy in his fight for freedom.

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber