Sunday, 8 January 2012

Another Birthday Behind Bars

Friday of this week is Jeremy’s 51st Birthday. Please send your birthday cards and wishes to: Jeremy Bamber, A5352AC, HM Full Sutton, York, Y041 1PS.

If you want to give Jeremy a birthday present, the best thing you can do is help him to get a step nearer to freedom and support him by writing to your MP about his case.

It is better to put your argument on paper and use information from our web site which can be substantiated by documentary evidence. You can print pages from the site to send or cut extracts from it or download documents which you really feel argues his innocence in the best possible way. At the moment the evidence of the pathologist which was only disclosed to the defence post 2002 appeal is a really strong new point. There is also the alibi evidence which has recently been updated, alternatively you might feel that the evidence of Sheila's body to be the strongest area.

You can also write to the Home Affairs Select Committee by clicking this link, simply say that you support our application for them to review how the cases of people maintaining innocence are handled by the judiciary, this was illustrated using the cases of Eddie Gilfoyle, Susan May and Jeremy Bamber.

If you want to send a gift direct to Jeremy then stamps, good quality envelopes (A4, A5 & Standard) and writing paper (A4 ruled pads) are the only material gifts he is allowed into the
prison and remember that this too helps him to keep on writing to all of us and campaigning for his freedom.

Never feel powerless to change Jeremy’s life, every positive contribution made makes a difference and puts pressure on the Ministry of Justice to act.

Help to free this innocent man who has been incarcerated since he was just 24 years old.

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Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber