Wednesday, 1 February 2012

"All that remains is to see if the CCRC will Refer my Case to the Court of Appeal"

“Submissions to the CCRC have now been made by my lawyer Simon Mckay, his law firm has worked very hard on my case and he has also ensured the help of some of the world’s leading experts in their fields to determine that I cannot possibly have killed my family and that Sheila did - as I have always maintained.

In many ways the submissions have been a team effort involving the help of many, many different people who will remain nameless but their assistance has been invaluable. These submissions have been the result of very long periods of hard work at times often painstaking. We have also had the loyal help and support of various journalists and their part has not been forgotten without whom vital evidence would not have been obtained. All that remains is to see if the CCRC will refer my case to the court of appeal over the coming weeks or months.

I have received a letter from Essex Police telling me that they wish to apply to dispense with my complaints regarding the delay in an investigation into allegations of fraud by the company’s farm secretary Barbara Wilson. These allegations were against Peter Eaton a key prosecution witness and benefactor of my family’s estate following my conviction. The police applied the delay for some 15 months until after my first appeal simply because if the credibility of a key prosecution witness was impugned then it would have serious implications for the crowns case against me and in any event Peter Eaton was later made a company director, something which he might not have been had the allegations been investigated.

I have contacted the IPCC and appealed the request. If you would like to support this by writing to the IPCC please email the campaign team and they will give you details, or click this link to read the documents for yourself and make up your own mind.

Last year Essex Police were granted a dispensation by the IPCC for complaints about misconduct in my case, stating that as the allegations were about misconduct in 1985/86 we had missed the 12 month deadline for complaints. Considering we have only just had disclosure of documents and it is now some 27 years later I think their decision is unfair and an abuse of the process in their statutory guidelines as there is a good reason for not complaining within 12 months - non disclosure, the allegations were regarding the alteration of the chain of evidence which maintains my conviction but - the judiciary would like to have it both ways, no one should be held accountable for misconduct if it were to aid the case to prove my innocence.

Once again thanks to all my friends and supporters for their part in helping me, your kindness is keeps me going through exhausting times and I hope to see you all in person very soon.”


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