Thursday, 29 March 2012

Latest Media on Jeremy's Case

Tune in for the “Tonight Programme” on ITV1 at 7:30pm tonight to see the latest evidence by documentary maker Mark Williams-Thomas, he has written a piece about the programme – read it here. Listen to Mark Williams-Thomas talking about his documentary on radio here (at 1 Hour 20 min)

Eric Allison has also written a piece for the Guardian, including the publication of letters between the Police and CPS and it is currently the ‘most viewed page in 24 hours” - read the articles and view the documents on their site here. Of key importance is PDF page 4 handwritten, where it says "I also agree burglary charges can be withdrawn" which would suggest that Julie Smerchanski (nee Mugford) was charged with burglary.

The CCRC have still not made their decision the Commissioners are meeting to make the decision sometime during April.

See our affiliate web site which includes pages on:

• Julie Mugford – and her NOTW deal
• Homophobia – attitudes towards Jeremy and his friends in 1985
• Ann & Peter Eaton – Living in the Crime Scene
• Robert Boutflour – And the crucial jury question about motives and inheritance
• David Boutlour – At court stumbles to tell how Sheila attended a shooting party with a gun.
• Anthony Pargeter – Where was his gun and moderator on the night of the tragedy?
• Jeremy Bamber – coping with the tragedy
• Psychological report – Jeremy’s latest review by Prof Vincent Egan
• Character Witnesses – never used at trial
• Matthew MacDonald – alleged hit man

Jeremy is in good spirits and is looking forward to hearing good news in April

Thanks for your support, for and on behalf of Jeremy.

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber