Thursday, 31 May 2012

"The CCRC is Frequently Used as the Gatekeeper"

“We have all been really busy since the CCRC closing my case and a lot of new evidence has come to light. Forensic work continues and the results are really positive further supporting my innocence. The CCRC is frequently used as the gatekeeper of cases, some of which remain with them for up to ten years, in my case it took 8 years to make a decision. The CCRC did not fund any work or instruct any forensic work in my defence. One does wonder exactly what the CCRC did with my case for such a long period considering they claim that they investigate miscarriages of justice.

Simon McKay is currently working on a submission to the high court regarding a judicial review of the CCRC’s decision, this will be a detailed and comprehensive legal document fleshing out the summary grounds from the letter of intent (see the summary points extracted below). I understand the material will be ready inside a few weeks.

I’ve been overwhelmed with letters and emails from supporters including many from the USA, Canada and Europe further to recent documentaries on my case being shown around the globe. There is another documentary due out in the USA next year and it will later be shown in Europe.

I’ve also received correspondence from a number of biographers and crime historian’s who wish to take up the case for my innocence and we are currently co-operating with them to provide the documentary evidence for publication. 

I have almost completed the cataloguing and referencing of evidence and assessment of the materials continues.  The possibility of constructing a database for all the case files is also being considered, time and cost has to be taken into account at this stage but at least the documents are now completely electronic and searchable, contributing to one of the largest legal case document management systems ever built in the UK. Our team is ever expanding as is our affiliate programme.

I remain positive now that the case is out of the hands of the CCRC, it is up to a judge to decide if the case should go to an appeal court based on the new evidence. With the wealth of materials in both documents and in contributions from forensic scientists there is more than ample material for a new submission to the CCRC should it be required. I will never stop fighting to prove my innocence and I will be a free man again.” 


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber