Monday, 10 June 2013

"After almost 28 years of fighting for justice the law is about to catch up with the true criminals who fabricated evidence to aid my conviction."

I wanted to write a short piece about all the work that has been done since January, to resolve matters regarding my wrongful imprisonment, both in proving my innocence and in proving that Sheila took her own life after killing our family.

We now have all the raw data that’s key to resolving every aspect of the case, facts and figures extracted from three and a half million pages of case documents. When Mr Ewen Smith acted as my lawyer at Glaisyers Solicitors, he stated that ‘A conservative estimate puts the number of pieces of paper [in the case files] at some four million.'[1] To give some sense to just how much paperwork that is – if you read five hundred pages of case documents every single day, 365 days a year it would take nineteen years and four months just to read through the case papers once, so who knows how long it would take to actually analyse them all properly, many lifetimes I should imagine.

All the case documents have been scanned and saved as PDF’s which means that a computer can search every piece of paper, all 3.5 million pages in minutes – thanks to OCR and indexing – a computer would struggle to read badly photocopied handwritten material and this had had to be searched manually but a 3.5 million piece jigsaw puzzle has now been completed.

Forensic reports, expert analysis, fresh witness testimony and hundreds of hours of legal evaluation has gone into all the new revelations that have now come to light. It would be fantastic to share all of this material with the public but there is still further work to be done before the submissions can be made proving that my conviction is unsustainable. It can now be shown that Essex police withheld the proof of my innocence from the Defence, the Jury and the Crown Prosecution Service at my trial in 1986.

We know that certain key police officers and central witnesses for the crown perjured themselves at my trial, and when combined with the evidence from the scene that Essex police buried from sight hidden amongst millions of documents, it is no wonder that the jury eventually convicted me after much debate with a 10:2 majority.
So the news is really, really good and I’m sorry that I cannot even hint about all the discoveries that have been made. Nevertheless, there is interesting supplementary material which will not be included in the submissions that is to be put onto my web site in the coming weeks. This includes new information on the sound moderator and other material exhibits which remain undisclosed.

After almost 28 years of fighting for justice the law is about to catch up with the true criminals who fabricated evidence to aid my conviction. The wheels of justice turn slowly so please don’t worry about my freedom, because it is as sure as the dawn coming every day. My case is the thorn in the side of the authorities and the developments will be music to the ears of many, and fulfil the worst fears of those who committed crimes to aid my conviction.  

Look out for other new material on official outlets, there are some updates on the site planned, new Case QT's, and I have been writing an article on legal aid and it's impact on whole life tariff prisoners. 

Times have been turbulent for the criminal justice system generally and I really appreciate all of your letters and emails of concern recently it is good to know that people really do care about what happens to those people wrongly convicted and that injustice is not just buried under a political smokescreen.


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[1] Letter dated 19th April 2000 to HM Prisons Head Office from Glaisyers Solicitors Ref EMS/LA B0752 -15

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber