Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Jeremy's Plea for Disclosure: On the 29th Anniversary of His Conviction

I thought I’d talk a little bit about what will happen next with the issue regarding the disclosure of the case documents. This shouldn’t be contentious but Essex Police have spent the last thirty years inventing spurious reasons why certain things cannot be disclosed to the defence. Much material generated before the trial including Sheila's medical records and statements by foster carers for the twins as well as audio's and logs of my dad's call to the police were not disclosed to the trial court or subsequent appeals in 1988 and 2002. 

In a letter to the Chief Constable of Essex from the C.P.S. dated 07.03.91 it states[1]:

“It is clear from his previous letters that Bamber is looking for every opportunity to make complaints about the handling of his case and the evidence presented by officers of the Essex Police. The state of those statements as lodged with the Crown Court at Trial, were to authorise the handing over of these statements to DCI Ellis. I fear that it would simply be providing Bamber with another opportunity to make allegations of a similar nature in the future”.

This has meant that since 1991 essential information generated or obtained as a result of the City of London Police investigation has not been disclosed either to my lawyers or to myself. Where disclosure has taken place, there are always pages missing from the documents, or paragraphs of text blanked out. Neither Essex Police nor the C.P.S. have made complete disclosure of any evidence since 1991, even when ordered to make full disclosure of certain documents by a Judge, what was disclosed was never what should have been; as to do so would prove my innocence.

After thirty years of research, I now know what the material is that I want disclosed. I’ve directly requested this case material from Essex Police myself and instructed my lawyers to request this material from Essex Police. I have also asked the Police Complaints Authority to request this evidence from Essex Police and I’ve asked the Criminal Cases Review Commission to use their section17 powers to obtain this un-disclosed evidence and in every case, Essex Police have refused to hand over the evidence being asked for. In total between my lawyers and myself at least fifty requests have been made seeking disclosure of case evidence being held by Essex Police, all to no avail.

I now plan to ask my M.P. The Rt. Hon. Mary Creagh, and two M.E.P’s, Linda McAvan and Richard Corbett, to ask Essex Police for disclosure of the material set out in my petition. I am hoping that Essex Police concede that they can no longer withhold the evidence that’s being requested from them by my M.E.P’s and my M.P. The open letter making the request will be published on my web site along with responses. 

With luck, requests made via my M.P. and M.E.P’s might help persuade Essex Police to fulfil their obligation to disclose. After thirty years of asking I do hope so especially as we have now reached the 29th anniversary of my conviction there is no reason for the evidence proving my innocence not to be disclosed.

To find out more about the evidence we still require from police check and sign our petition.


[1] AR-21-21) Letter Disclosure (07.03.91) PDF

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber