Friday, 4 August 2017

Anniversary Tribute to the Bamber Family

It’s been 32 years since Jeremy lost his family in the tragedies at White House Farm. As a Campaign, every day we work towards justice and freedom for Jeremy. Through Jeremy we have come to know his family, this is because Jeremy frequently speaks so fondly of them.

Jeremy takes us into his memories by painting vivid pictures of the passionate interest in farming which he shared so closely with his father Nevill. We know how extremely proud he is of his mother’s brave achievements during the Second World War when she worked as a nurse and secretary assisting the Special Forces in Calcutta.

His love for Sheila shines through when he remembers her kind protectiveness over him as an elder sister. It is because of Jeremy’s recollections that we know of her talents as a storywriter and gifted letter writer. Her ethereal character came across in drawing and painting before she battled mental illness that eventually stripped her of her true personality.

He recalls how quickly his twin nephews Nicholas and Daniel grew into bright fun loving children, who enjoyed tractor rides and thanks to Jeremy and June, were developing a keen interest in wildlife, blackberry picking and farm animals.

The love for his family was so strong and an extremely big part of his life that we realise how large that gulf of grief must be.

Jeremy, in your grief we share,
in your love we share,
when we remember,
Nevill, June, Sheila, Nicholas and Daniel,

We honour their memory this day and always.

From Sarah, Trudi, Pat, Yvonne, Lorna, Heidi, Matt, Mike, and Philip - The Campaign Team. 

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber