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15 Years Since the last Appeal: Jeremy's second blog of three

It is now 15 years since my last appeal, and even though court orders were issued for complete disclosure, these have still not been complied with by Essex police.  So how do we know that a vast amount of case material remains undisclosed? I will explain.

We have a letter dated before the 2002 appeal from my then solicitor at Glaisyers, Ewan Smith (now an ex-CCRC Commissioner), informing Mr Mike Webster the Senior Operations Officer of High Security Prisons that the case files he had seen amounted to around 4 million pages of information[i].

We also know from Michael Turner QC that he was given access to a small warehouse which was full of boxes of case files to look through. He was buried under a snowstorm of case material derived and printed from the Holmes II (police) computer system relevant to my case. Michael Turner QC’s notes show which files he had access to pre the 2002 appeal. This has been examined in detail and thousands of documents had been stripped out of these files in the warehouse from the Holmes boxes numbered 1-80 whilst boxes 81-89 in their entirety were not even disclosed to the defence and remain undisclosed to this day.

At the close of the 2002 appeal hearing the CPS stated in court that they had still not reviewed all of the case material and that they would hand this to Michael Turner QC to look through. The appeal judges stated that if Mr Turner discovered any material to assist the defence case then he could return with this evidence that they would then consider.
What the judges and Michael Turner QC did not know was that he was handed just 340,000 pages of the 3½ - 4 million pages of documentation. As PII (Public Interest Immunity) was still involved in the case at that time, it wasn’t until the rules changed in 2006 that this could be disclosed and I was then given all the material held by Michael Turner QC in 2011. My campaign team then scanned every last page of these documents. These were subjected to a meticulous initial review of the material using a laptop computer by the campaign and also every night by me which took almost 3 years to complete. It has taken a further 3 years to properly cross-reference these papers to find the hidden case truths with more still being uncovered frequently.

In Las Vegas the casinos use huge amounts of playing cards playing Blackjack (21) or Texas hold 'em (poker). To defeat cheating by card counting they use ten or twenty packs of cards at a time, shuffled up and placed in a cardholder called a shoe. At any one time Las Vegas casinos may be using around two million playing cards, or half the numbers of papers in my case.

Importantly the Metropolitan Police had authority over the Holmes account pertinent to my case and what they did when allowing access to the case files to Michael Turner QC was to strip out all the Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks that would have assisted the defence case, and presented instead the falsified and manipulated evidence to the prosecutor Victor Temple QC who then handed this to the court and the defence lawyers. Effectively it was the same as if all of the Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks were stripped from these decks of cards in a casino with the dealers keeping their dodgy Aces up their sleeves to use when they wanted to in order to win.

Essex police, assisted by the Metropolitan Police, just as a casino would know if the cards being dealt had been tampered with, knew that the 2002 appeal court were conducting a sham appeal owing to the fact key documents which showed my innocence had been removed from the disclosed material. In effect all cards being dealt to the prosecution contained all of the Aces and most of the Kings, Queens and Jacks – a sham. Yet who in that 2002 appeal courtroom knew that the appeal hearing was a farce based upon a lie that only one silencer featured in this case?

Essex police swear that there was only one silencer, like a casino swearing there was only one shoe of cards at a table, but 32 years later it turns out Essex police were lying. Of course the silencer that was DNA tested in 2000/2001 did not have Sheila’s DNA in it, because her blood groups matched beneficiary Robert Boutflour’s group which is why he never gave a DNA sample, nor was he asked to give one. So, you must ask yourself: "why not?" An unknown male DNA was discovered in the silencer during the DNA testing for the appeal and yet Robert Boutflour was never eliminated and no questions were asked. Very odd! The lie being told to the appeal court by Essex Police/Metropolitan Police was convenient for the Criminal Justice System as it allowed my 2002 appeal to be dismissed.
It was no wonder that no one found out in 2002 that my appeal hearing was a total sham. The evidence for this was buried amongst the 340,000 pages of disclosed documents and has only been exposed in the last couple of years.

Still missing are 77 photographs many that feature two silencers. Also missing are Sheila’s medical records, the complete forensic files and the deals made with witnesses for immunity from prosecution in return for their testimony against me.

The CPS/DPP/Essex Police should now disclose all the further information from my case as ordered to do by the court, however doing that is probably going to implicate them in knowingly prosecuting an innocent man. Whether they do disclose further documents, photographs, audio recordings of events from this case it does not actually matter to proving my innocence, we can do that already although it would assist greatly and may reveal even more truths. From the small percentage of the 4 million case documents we have had disclosed, Essex police slipped up and included a few of the Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces and owing to this the truth of the case is now known, but to have the complete truth is the goal. The fact is that my conviction still stands even though Essex police built their case against me based on now provable lies and cover-ups.

In Vegas when they discover someone cheating there would be consequences. It is hoped that now we know that Essex police have cheated they will all face investigation. It is possible though more of the judicial authorities have known about this except me and that they have just turned a blind eye to how I was convicted, because to concede that my case was and is a miscarriage of justice brings the whole legal system into disrepute, and that it seems cannot be allowed to happen.


[i] The Appeal itself is very substantial and could take up to 6 weeks to be heard, and a conservative
estimate puts the number of pieces of paper at some 4 million, and both Junior Counsel and ourselves have
been working fairly extensively examining all the disclosed paperwork.

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber