Thursday, 21 December 2017

Jeremy's Christmas and New Year Blog

Back in 1985 and every year since I could never have imagined that I would be spending my 33rd Christmas and New Year in jail convicted of crimes I am completely innocent of committing. The last year has however been an extremely productive and exciting one and I know that my freedom is now assured without question.

2017 saw massive and frequent developments in my case that reveal the whole of the truth of what happened and who was involved in my wrongful conviction. All their wicked acts of corruption and criminal activities that have been at the core of the case have now been uncovered and will soon be exposed at my forthcoming appeal.

During these 12 months by continuing to meticulously work through the disclosed material we have uncovered so much brand new evidence that completely blows the case out of the water. It has been hard work but at last we have the concrete evidence that binds everything together. The truth is even more shocking than I ever could have envisaged and it will all be in the public domain in the near future and on the desks of the Criminal Case Review Commission in the coming weeks.

The forensic reports my campaign team have obtained in the last 12 months are revealing and will make up part of the new submissions. I would like to thank all of the current scientists who are involved with evaluating the evidence and compiling the reports and for dedicating so much of their time to exposing the truth. I wish to extend special thanks to the experts who have and are working at cost or on a pro bono basis.

The disclosure issues are a factor which myself, my campaign team and our legal team are working tirelessly on. We will try every means possible to force Essex Police to comply with the court orders. Had you or I ignored court orders we would be in contempt and it amazes us all how Essex Police think they are above the law.  The recent case of the non- disclosure in the case of student Liam Allan  almost saw another miscarriage of justice case happen had it not been for the intervention of the Prosecution QC. Non-disclosure is key to so many wrongful convictions and we should fight to ensure that documents, which aid the defence, cannot be hidden any longer and reforms to the process are made as soon as possible. We will not stop our fight for the material until every piece of case paperwork has been disclosed and it excites me to think what other evidence of my innocence will emerge once we have access to everything.

I would like to thank my campaign team for their work in the last year not only on disclosure but in their quest to bring attention to the injustice of my case and for their dogged determination to see the truth gets into the public domain. Whether this be on web site pages, by daily tweeting, production of videos or by means of radio broadcasts and public appearances, they all work so very hard and I want to extend my thanks as always to them.

I would also like to thank all of the patrons and supporters who are always available to offer their help and to all of the kind people who have sent me their supportive messages throughout the year and have made donations for administration and forensic costs. Your generosity and kindness is truly appreciated and not only will help to see my freedom secured it is heart-warming that so many people care about the injustice I have to endure.

So as we stand on the dawn of a new year I will be excited to greet 2018 as I know that this will unquestionably be the year that I will achieve justice at long last. The submissions to the CCRC will occur early in the New Year and then we just have to be a little more patient while they absorb and act on the wealth of exculpatory evidence they are being presented with.  I will be home and I know I will see you all very soon.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber