Monday, 6 September 2010

"It was my being a nobody that allowed the state to bury me and just as they have done this to me they can do this to anyone"

This week saw the launch of a new web site for Jeremy along with another new blogger designed by independent supporters. Both are light and easy to navigate. The content is also very strong and factually based. Well done guys! Jeremy is really pleased with your efforts.

This Sunday also saw an article in the Express newspaper with an interview from an officer who went to the scene in the first instance. The interview contradicts what the officer said in court as this is the first mention of reflections of the 'moon'. Unfortunately the article didn't cover the other officer's statement which says he saw the figure of a male. More on this in the coming weeks. Jeremy has once again asked for unity among supporters as working together we are a stronger force.

"In case anyone thinks we can rest on our laurels, we really can’t. These last few weeks are the most crucial – it’s about networking. If all of my friends told ten of their friends about this injustice and those ten friends told ten more of their friends about this injustice, and those ten friends told ten more friends about it that would make almost 100,000 people realizing the truth. And if we all shout together even the deafest ears at the CCRC will listen. So what I would like everyone to do is talk about my case. We have loads of things for people to look at on the web from really detailed information to lighter news articles or you tube videos.

So why should I matter or my case matter to the average man or woman in the street? Why would you tell people about me? I wish I could give you a one line, wins every time answer but here’s a few. If the state can lock me up for 25 years, knowing since 1992 that I am completely innocent, yet happily doing nothing about it then imagine how easy it would be for the state to do the same to you?

But on a personal level I really am just the guy next door. I was in many ways a nobody, just a farmer’s son with no connections to political parties or extremist groups, no gang to stand up for me when I was falsely accused and it was my being a nobody that allowed the state to bury me and just as they have done this to me they can do this to anyone.

But my last point about asking for everyone’s help is that if you help me win justice I will show you upon my release how this may change history. I have an amazing story to tell that really is truly fascinating and with everyone’s help you will facilitate my being able to tell it and in the gentle telling of my story my greatest hope is that I can be inspirational on the one hand and on the other be worthy of people's help in all that I go on to do with my life.

All I know is that I will always try to make people proud that they helped win my freedom in all that I do and all that I say because above all else those people who trust me now will never be forgotten as to forget all this, for me would be to fail. I’ve not fought tooth and nail for 25 years for truth and justice to waste my freedom or fail. So please we have a month to do this and you will see that each person really can make a difference. Please take a moment and tell a friend, a moment of your time could mean another lifetime to me".


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber