Tuesday, 14 September 2010

"There was no evidence to commit Jeremy Bamber to full life in prison"

Jeremy has made a response to the article published in last week’s Sunday Express by PS Bews one of the officers who met Jeremy at the scene of the tragedy. This is where we see that Bews has further admitted that they all thought they saw someone moving in the window of the bedroom upstairs.

In the House of Commons Priti Patel MP for Witham raised the topic of Jeremy having been granted access to The Sunday Times journalist by the Ministry of Justice which is in line with current laws for prisoners to be able to campaign. Her suggestion that this be brought to an end would violate the human rights of prisoners wrongly convicted. For a News paper to be able to publish anything without receiving libel claims they have to see hard evidence supporting what they report before giving anyone a voice. Ms Patel’s argument is quite simply not valid, the victim of the tragedy is clearly Jeremy Bamber.

It is hoped that this will have opened up the way for debate regarding Jeremy's case as a whole and perhaps will raise some of the issues surrounding the evidence, such as the misuse of PII to keep vital documents from the defence.

Last week saw two posts on HM Government forum site ‘Your Freedom’ Both postings on Jeremy’s case challenged the validity of Jeremy’s conviction and the role of the CCRC in referring cases back to the court of appeal. CRStanding said: “In consequence, innocent people can remain languishing in prison even if the CCRC is presented with evidence of innocence if that evidence was or could have been made available at the time of the original trial.”

CRStanding also made another valid point: "There was no evidence to commit Jeremy Bamber to full life in prison. And now, 25 years later, we see that some so-called evidence was manufactured. The jury were not given the full picture, and it seems, nor was the Home Secretary when he converted the tariff to full life."

There have also been further updates on the Jeremy Bamber blog on Tumblr regarding the Police photographs of Sheila Caffell. There is set to be further news on Jeremy's case in the coming month regarding the inaccurate autopsy carried out on Sheila Caffell.

Jeremy said that he is still receiving all of your letters of support and is replying as fast as he can but it is still slow owing to the large numbers of people writing to offer their help towards his cause. Please keep in touch with Jeremy he needs all of his friends now, more than ever.

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
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