Friday, 31 December 2010

"Happy New Year from Jeremy"

"I hope all of my friends and supporters had a great Christmas. I had many cards and letters from all of you which was very kind thank you. 2011 is set to to be the year of my release from prison. There is to be another wave of campaign activity including the release of further evidence into the media. I have also asked the admin's to set up another twitter page for me, I would like all of the twitter profile's set up for me by good friends to link together so that we can re-tweet my tweets. I aim to tweet on a daily basis when I call the office with the latest updates as Mark and Sarah have been kind enough to follow up my requests. In a strategic campaign move I am aiming to use twitter to network with journalists, writers and documentary makers.

My admin team have also taken over responsibility for my documents and have been generous enough to expand the share by many thousands of documents in the the New Year. This means that when there is a referral to the court of appeal my legal team will have full access to referenced documents that would otherwise take weeks to search through in the old paper system, this will make a big difference to the work they will carry out on my behalf.

I also wanted to thank Scott Lomax, Mike Tesko, Tracy Williams, Tracy Brazier and other campaigners who do so much (but wish to remain nameless) for their continued efforts to help me. I am not unaware of the significant amount of time, cost and effort which goes into helping my campaign. I wish everyone well for the New Year and may it bring us all the very best for 2011."

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber