Friday, 14 January 2011

"Police logs have given us a huge breakthrough to understanding why the crime scene was re staged"

“Kind thanks to all of my friends and campaigners for the cards sent to me for my 50th birthday. Of course I didn’t ever imagine that would I still be in prison for a crime I didn’t commit on this day but it won’t be long before justice is done and I am released. There are many people who should be arrested and charged with fabricating evidence in my case but despite my requests to Essex Police based on the evidence, still there has been no action taken and they tell me that they await further instruction from the CCRC.

There has been a discovery of a 4 boxes of missing documents and we are keen to get these scanned. The guys at the office have already started sending these through to me and uploading them to the document cloud. I am very keen to see many contemporaneous action reports and property registers as many of these wont have been edited. A large number of statements of course have been edited and the list continues to grow.

The most exciting discovery came not from this new find of documents but from some papers in my own archives which I hadn’t looked at for many years. These logs show the reason why the police re-staged the crime scene over and over but I can’t give out detail on these at the moment.

Our work on Twitter has had profound effects with us receiving emails from different types of media outlets both in the UK and USA alike, we are currently working with new contacts on the latest material in my case. The guys have been tweeting on my behalf and I have also seen print outs of all material which is published on the web by campaigners.

I also wanted to say thanks to some people who have recently become involved in carrying out support in an administrative capacity which has helped enormously in handling the large amount of work which is now in operation.

I await both a decision from the European Court of Human Rights on my whole life tariff and also from the CCRC on the 31st January when I am told the commissioners will meet again.”

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber