Thursday, 24 February 2011

"My case is stronger than it has ever been"

24.02.11 7pm

“Thanks for all of your letters which are still streaming through to me and to be honest I have been overwhelmed with them in the past two weeks and I am trying my best to keep on top so if you’ve not heard from me don’t worry - you will soon. I like to write substantial letters if I can but just recently I’ve had to write shorter ones to keep up so apologies if my letters are shrinking. I also wanted to say how good it has been that so many people are united with myself and the campaign now and that we are all working in the same direction.

The new submissions to the CCRC will be narrower than before but strongly supported by forensic evidence. I am really optimistic that my case will be referred back to the court of appeal when the new submissions are made by 6th May, although it is not clear whether the CCRC would make the decision then or not, but they have been helpful in providing us with extra time for preparations owing to the complexity of my case.

We have also had a good response from the appeal for new information and witnesses and we are currently examining these in more detail with the permission of those who came forward.

I have also been approached by further media outlets and these include a number of documentary makers, authors and journalists internationally. At the moment my media profile will remain low but the team will continue to tweet and blog on my behalf as much as possible and no doubt they will dig about for some interesting stuff from the archives to give background to my case.

I have also heard from a number of experienced professionals offering help of every kind from the legal and forensic science services right through to those with contacts in various organizations. The kindness shown by everyone wishing me well is very heart warming.

We are nearly at the end of the journey now and it has been a long haul but my case is stronger than it has ever been and this is because of the increased amount of work being put in by everyone in every different way. Thanks for supporting my fight for freedom I will be in touch with you all very soon.”

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber