Friday, 18 February 2011

Progress in the European Court

Jeremy has asked us to announce that there will be another month at least before there is a decision on his whole life tariff in the European Court of Human Rights. He has been informed that his case passed the next stage of their process and he will give us further information on this over the coming week.

As you might be aware, Jeremy was sentenced to 25 years but the tariff was increased during the sentence to whole life. It is illegal in European Law to alter the 'goal posts' and if the sentencing judge wanted Jeremy to service a whole life tariff it should have been served from the outset. If the tariff were put back down to 25 years then Jeremy would be eligible for parole if this was granted he could be released within weeks as he served almost a year on remand.

Progress with the submissions of forensic evidence back to the CCRC for their three month deadline is moving swiftly and the case grows ever stronger.

Jeremy has also made an appeal for anyone to come forward who might have information on his case which would help. This would include first hand testimony from police officers, witnesses or contemporaneous documents. Even if you have made an approach before but felt you weren't taken seriously please try again, we now know much, much more about the case and what seemed to be unlikely events before are now proven facts to the Defence and the case is now handled by different lawyers and different administrators.

If you have information which you think might help Jeremy you can contact us in confidence. Please visit the link here with more details

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber