Thursday, 24 March 2011

Campaign Gears up for further Submissions to the CCRC

Jeremy’s document management system has now crept into its thousands with new uploads happening every week. We have also been keeping in touch with various media outlets regarding Jeremy’s case and this is often frustrating as both Jeremy and his legal team have requested that his campaign remain low profile for the time being.

Please note that if you write to Jeremy you should include your name and address. If he receives letters without addresses he is not allowed to have them in his possession. He really enjoys hearing from everyone so keep writing even though Jeremy’s response is a little slower these days owing to the amount of case work he does at present.

Innocent Eddie Gilfoyle pointed the finger at Ken Clarke in his interview with the press from the House of Lords on Tuesday. He said that Clarke had tried to cover up the 'dishonesty' of police and prosecutors that he claims led to his conviction after they put a gagging order on him and then removed it. His lawyer added that despite him having made an application to the CCRC in August he is still awaiting a case manager to be assigned. Read more here

Jeremy says:

“Firstly decisions had to be made about which points to further develop for the CCRC as it's believed that the submissions need to be narrowed down and further developed. Then the preparation work had to be done i.e. gathering documents and liaison with the CCRC on evidence they hold. We have also had to organize any other supporting sources to the submissions. Now the forensic companies have their part to do so hopefully there shouldn’t be any hold ups although the 6th May deadline is going to be very tight as the legal wheels turn very slowly.

We have also had a number of people coming forward with information as part of our appeal for new witnesses on the web site which is proving interesting and insightful so far.

Everyone has been working very hard including me so let’s hope this is the last big push to the finish. Once again thanks to all of you for your valued support.”

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber