Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"Maintaining innocence over 26 years accounts for nothing"

“I was disappointed by the “Moral Maze” debate programme on Radio 4 which I was able to listen to and I believe there was a lack of consideration for any individual who is innocent of the crimes they have been convicted of as there was no discussion on this topic. Of course I do feel for the victims of crimes and justice for them is important. But the main point of discussion concerned my own life and the morality of a whole life tariff and yet I had not been invited to comment on the programme in any way.

Maintaining innocence over 26 years accounts for nothing in the penal system. How can I ‘reform’ when I won’t admit the crimes I am convicted of carrying out because I am innocent? The system is designed to beat me down on every level and ultimately give me the death sentence just by using old age as the means. The issue of the European Court ruling is actually quite complex and if I find the time I would like to blog something on this further.

Again we have had a number of interesting responses from people coming forward to offer help and information on my case, unfortunately we cannot speak about these for legal reasons but I am surprised by the response and the accuracy of information. There are one or two ‘wild cards’ but we are still busy sorting through information.

Scott Lomax has very kindly agreed to write a regular piece for my web site with the very latest on my case as I am in regular contact with him I know he will give an interesting and different slant on my news and add a great new element to the web site, so thanks to Scott for helping out, you will see his first piece appear in the next couple of weeks I believe.

I’m almost up to date on my letter writing but I am afraid my responses to friends have been rather short as I am currently working with forensics companies on the further submissions in my case which have to be in accordance with the CCRC guidelines. There are many plans afoot, both myself and my legal team (which includes newly assigned forensics teams), have a clear focus on the way forward and an understanding of the requirements to get my submissions to the appeal court.

A lot of work can only be brought about by the kindness and professionalism of others and I want to say a big thank you to these people. I’m also really proud and moved by the resilience of supporters in the face of adversity and there is some tremendous effort being done by so many loyal friends to spread the word about my miscarriage of justice. Each day you inspire me and drive me on to get home and meet with you all personally.”

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber