Friday, 20 May 2011

"When someone is convicted of an offence and serving a sentence it is easy to say anything to their detriment "

“I’ve not had a lot of time to write to friends and campaigners over the past weeks and I apologize for that as I have spent almost every free moment working on my case documents. The new submissions to the CCRC won’t just be about the photographs from the crime scene. Although the appeal against the CCRC’s provisional statement of reasons will be quite narrow each area will be covered in great detail and explored in depth. There have been key discoveries in the past few weeks some of which can also stand independently of the photographic work and other findings which also support it.

In light of recent media surrounding my case I would like to say that the best written and most factual articles are constructed by people who have taken considerable time to gather materials and used first hand evidence from my case. Articles which have been positive for my campaign have used evidence which has undergone rigorous scrutiny by lawyers before publication. When someone is convicted of an offence and serving a sentence it is easy to say anything to their detriment without undergoing the same level of examination on writing an article. Journalists like Scott Lomax, Eric Allison, Mark Townsend, Simon Hattenstone and Johnny McDevitt to name but a few have approached my case with a great deal of caution in light of my conviction, and it is only sight of documentary evidence which allowed them to publish the articles they have. It is also difficult to make any interpretation of the events that happened inside White House Farm on the night of the killings, but whatever interpretation is attempted must be based around evidential findings and not supposition. To find out more about the telephones at the farm click here.

The release of the photographs which are held at the CCRC is a step towards my freedom and after three months of stalling the CCRC have applied restrictions to the images which makes it very difficult for documentary makers to follow the events of my campaign. This is a deliberate action by the CCRC to put a limitation on publicity after they were overwhelmed with thousands of letters of complaints and approaches to their offices by campaigners in person. In trying to stifle my support and ultimately restrict my freedom the CCRC are building barriers around all cases of miscarriages of justice because of the fear that the public might eventually know of the abuses of those in public office.

People who are supporting me now are fully aware that one day it could be them or their father, mother, sister, brother or child in my position, and in order to fight for a better justice system for all we must pull together in our actions. In the next couple of weeks there will be a letter writing campaign in two key areas, both letters will appear on my web sites and I would like people to use these as either a template or source for their own correspondence to only two key recipients.

Once again your kind letters of support keep me in good spirits with fighting form for my campaign. Knowing that I have so many friends both new and old waiting for me at the gates is the driving force behind the many long hours of work it is taking for me to be able to join you all.”


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber