Friday, 3 June 2011

"When I am a free man I will take steps to alter the way cases like mine are handled"

“Just a quick update on my case as there have been some exciting developments both in the forensic science work and also in the preparation of legal documents from the evidence we hold. We can now prove 100% that there were two sound moderators obtained by police at different times and that the City of London Police enquiry knew this back in 1991, this of course was established through a number of different means including witness testimony.

We also know that the Essex Police Dickinson Enquiry of 1996 was deliberately lied to about the number of crime scene photographs in existence.

There is a now a network of people working on my behalf which makes up the equivalent level of work which would usually be done by a law firm. In cases like mine the innocent have no financial resource or legal aid for submissions to the CCRC. Many of these cases go unnoticed and the injustice of British justice is left unchallenged.

When I am a free man I will take steps to alter the way cases like mine are handled and I will expose the ways in which organizations like the CCRC manipulate their own roles to suppress some of the most terrible abuses of public trust carried out by government organizations.”


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber