Monday, 21 November 2011

"I have been able to see a vast amount of case papers for the first time"

"There has been quite a lot going on over the last week, as well as new forensic work there have been considerable finds amongst the documents. I can’t disclose all of the new material for submission to the CCRC at the moment but some of it will be made available on the web site in the coming weeks. These include statements never seen by my lawyers before.

New pages on the site will include material about the how the police managed to move the scene during the photographing process. The kitchen and the master bedroom photographs and statements show events unfolding which puts parts of the jigsaw puzzle together to give a clearer picture of what really happened during and after the raid team entered the house.

The admin team plan to put new pages on to the site for me which detail a lot about the raid on the house and the state of the bodies. All material on the web site has been written by me and I will continue to do this as and when information can be made available. I have full control over my web site and blogger as well as my official twitter which gives me a sense of autonomy that I usually see little of being in prison.

As always we continue to wait for the disclosure of scene logs from the CCRC and they have not explained why this process is taking many, many months. There has been a new page added to my blog regarding a find of deep scratches in the mantle and we are currently reviewing whether to instruct further work by “marks specialists”.

Owing to large scale scanning and printing I have been able to see a vast amount of case papers for the first time ever and this permanent record will be invaluable for the future. The campaign is well planned and structured which makes allowances for all eventualities although media has taken a back seat while the new case papers have been a priority.

There has also been a renewed interest in lie detector tests after Adrian Prout failed the polygraph test and then admitted his guilt. A polygraph is not just a few questions from the examiner I spent over 100 minutes being asked questions to get many different readings up until the series of questions which are key to the test. Polygraph tests are now considered to be extremely reliable, if you would like to find out more about the questions I was asked when I passed the test click here.

Once again my friends, campaigners and lawyers have worked tirelessly with me and this is very much appreciated, many people writing to me have offered further support and often I feel overwhelmed by the amount of kindness shown by everyone."


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber