Thursday, 3 November 2011

"We never get distracted by anything which doesn't directly relate to proving my innocence"

“It’s almost five weeks until the CCRC are to make their decision on whether my case will go to appeal. I’m still waiting on disclosure of documents under section 17 of the Criminal Appeals Act. I know these documents contain my alibi. We have made the discovery of a key document from the scene which has been mysteriously re-written, so there are two versions of the same document which is an impossibility. In 1991 COLP asked the Forensic Science Service to check these documents for authenticity but Essex police did not disclose both versions of the document and the charges against the police officer who wrote the document were dropped after the ESDA examination was carried out.

There has been an enormous effort to obtain documents from different sources by my campaigners, but with it comes the work of sorting through the documents and making a permanent electronic copy is important for the posterity of my case work. Over 70 lever arch files have been scanned in the past year and there are currently still 80 A4 lever arch files awaiting scanning which are scattered about the country and this figure is about to increase further still!

There is also now overwhelming evidence that no one went in and out of White House Farm on the 7th August until the Firearms Team broke wearing open microphones so there cannot have been any mistake when they entered the kitchen and reported the bodies of a male and female. There are further accounts of officers which contradict each other and show that bungling police missed that Sheila was still alive and they pursued her through the house. They later had no reason to preserve the crime scene as they knew that Sheila had committed suicide.

There is still no news from the ECHR but to be honest I am not greatly concerned over this as I will be proven innocent in the court of appeal and receive all of the liberty and standard privileges that come with a wrongful conviction overturned. We are all working hard towards this and we never get distracted by anything which doesn’t relate directly to proving my innocence. So it won’t be long until I am a free man.”


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Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber