Monday, 10 October 2011

"New evidence has surfaced from both the doctor at the scene and the pathologist"

There has been a lot happening in my case, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for myself and the teams to keep up with the vastly growing amount of work. The campaign is reaching many more people than we had imagined and this is the result of renewed efforts to directly approach academics who have directly taken an interest in my case. I am told there are plans for a new look web site too and even a new trial of the blog format. We are currently working with media who are following the detail of my case with interest and evidence will be released to these outlets in due course.

There have been many significant finds, particularly in the photographs which show an astounding amount of negligence in police handling of the crime scene. Officer’s ‘horseplay’ depicted in photographs has caused me significant distress and I am astounded and very upset by the complete disrespect shown by officers at the scene. White House Farm was not just a crime scene which should have been correctly preserved but it was the home of my family and it should have been handled with due consideration.

We have obtained ‘Master Schedules’ detailing which documents have been withheld from the defence under PII these include the handwritten statements of firearms officers who were the first into the scene. There are further accounts by officers seeing a woman’s body in the kitchen and more accounts that officer’s believed Sheila to be alive and with a firearm.

New testimony has also surfaced from both the doctor at the scene and the pathologist who noted that he “did not find it surprising that a woman of that build, in possession of a weapon possibly in a deranged state, could cause the injuries present.” When later asked if he thought Jeremy had carried out the killings he stated that Sheila Caffell would have needed to have been drugged beforehand (but tests showed that she had not been). He thought the idea of Jeremy as the murderer was “almost too incredible to believe” based on his findings at the post mortem. He also detailed that two shots to a person in a case of a suicide is not unlikely as he had seen four of five cases like this in his time.

The evidence continues to pour out and further forensic tests will be carried out in the coming weeks. We are hoping that all submissions will be completed by the 9th of December but the CCRC still have not obtained the original crime scene log we requested under their powers of section 17 of the Criminal Appeals Act 1995. Continually denying evidence contravenes human rights laws but the CCRC ignore this fact.

We also observe that in 1991 after the City of London Police visited Ann Eaton at White House Farm that she called the police saying she had ‘cleaned out the cupboard’ and discovered ‘new evidence’ which police officers must have missed during their investigation. In my opinion this was a desperate attempt to further fabricate evidence 6 long years after the tragedy. This ridiculous and unrealistic find, supports the evidence that shows my relatives fabricated evidence to convict me. We know that almost all evidence submitted to the police was found by my relatives many weeks after the crime scene was closed and not a shred of this remains unchallenged.

Further fabricated evidence also emerged in the provenance of the sound moderator, a chain of documents have been altered and Forensic Scientist statements support this. The evidence shows that both the Dickinson Enquiry and the COLP enquires were flawed and the Home Secretary was not advised of the truth in this case. The City of London Police have notified me that all of the officers who investigated Essex Police are now retired and they are unable to take action, they have referred me back to the Independent Police Complaints Authority.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to write any more but the items mentioned above are just a brief overview of the case as it unfolds. Based on the evidence showing my innocence I expect to be a free man very soon. Thank you to all of my friends and supporters who have continued in their quest to find evidence or obtain contact with further forensic teams to help me. Your letters and kind words keep me going on days when I am very tired and I hope to see you all soon.”


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber