Sunday, 9 September 2012

"Information is deliberately kept under wraps through the means of stifling the voice of those maintaining innocence"

We are currently going through the process of applying for permissions for me to have a televised interview at Full Sutton which will be the first instance in the UK where a prisoner wrongly convicted will be able to argue their case to a national audience. There is absolutely no question that the interview will not go ahead as planned as there are so many reasons why it must be done. Primarily it is in the public interest for the new evidence to be discussed and for the first time ever I will be able to defend myself personally against my conviction. This will pave the way for exposure of other miscarriages of justice cases, and encourage greater transparency of the judiciary where information is deliberately kept under wraps through the means of stifling the voice of those maintaining innocence.

The IPCC and Essex Police have recently logged further criminal acts by police in my case bringing the total number of complaints made to them in the past 18 months to well over one hundred. This time though I am convinced that the IPCC will rule against the request from Essex police for further dispensations to be applied to retired officers and instead order an outside force to investigate police misconduct.

The documents we now hold electronically consist of 3.5 million pages and these include copies of material from all different judicial departments and investigations, no one hold’s all of these documents in one place collectively and this puts us in a really strong position, the case files are made up of the following: Home Office files, CPS files, Forensic Science Services files, Appeal Court files, all of my barrister’s files, my solicitors files, my own files, the IPCC files, The CCRC files, The Dickinson Enquiry files, The Metropolitan Police (Stokenchurch files), Civil Case files, Judicial Reviews, a copy of the police HOLMES 2 computer files, also media files, correspondence files and research files as well as law reports, forensic expert files, photographs and material from my prison files. No one else has all of this material in one place. If you were to start reading our database today – reading 500 pages each day, every day, 365 days a year it would take 19 years and 4 months just to read through everything once. It is unlikely that you could manage 500 pages a day but in order to understand the evidence everything has to be grouped, cross referenced and analysed. So you can understand why more evidence is being discovered on a daily basis by myself and my teams, both legal and admin.

There is set to be a complete revamp of the web site beginning towards the end of the year and both a vast amount of content and design is to be replaced and all text will be academically referenced to documents, it is much appreciated that we will have the help of new team members to continue the work already in place.

I’ve been very busy of late and my correspondence is behind owing to the volume of letters I receive from friends and newcomers alike. It’s really good to have the support of so many of you and all well-wisher emails are frequently passed on to me, it’s been really heart warming to see them increasing week by week.

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Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber