Friday, 1 February 2013

"New Submissions to the Criminal Cases Review Commission."

Firstly thank you to all who have sent me Christmas and Birthday cards and gifts which provided a much needed boost to a very mercurial year for my case. Producing the text for “A Life of Less Liberty” made me vividly remember some of the happiest times with my family that I lost.  We all, at Christmas time look back, and owing to the recent loss of a friend to cancer, I was reminded of the issues of my own existence and the struggle for freedom, but all of us have to look forward, and pull together to achieve the justice which we are entitled to in our democratic society.

January has been a really busy month and I’ve had my head down working through material for McKay Law, and the new submissions to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. We have also obtained a further 23 folders of legal material and this is currently being scanned and scheduled with the help of a number of campaigners working hard, which is brilliant so thank you to those people who directly contribute to my case as the material is essential for proving our attempts at disclosure from Essex Police.

March and April will see a writing campaign; “Disclosure; Transparency; Justice; Freedom.” We have had many responses from MP’s offering to help regarding the non-disclosure of material. A detailed report is currently being prepared which will specifically reference Home Office police evidence that we know exists, but has been denied to me for 27 years. There are no laws which prevent this material from being handed over so there should be no problem with this issue in theory.

Secondly, we are also going to tackle the issue of documents which we know exist (again according to Home Office records and CCRC confirmation) that are held under Public Interest Immunity. It is almost 30 years and there can no longer (and never has been) a legitimate reason for the immunity of this material, and we are asking campaigners to support our request for the evidence by contacting their local MP’s, who can currently become involved directly as the case is no longer with the CCRC. So watch this space for the start of the campaign and relevant material you will need to send to your MP.

The updates on the web site are slowly happening and all material is either being re-written or academically referenced to case documents specifically. Keep an eye out on all pages of the site as all new/updated pages will have a date of the last update, this is because as new evidence becomes uncovered the text will be added to with further citations.

The next step of my televised interview will be through the lawyers and progress will be slow. I have been approached by 3 television companies wanting to carry out the interview and have selected a particularly experienced and established documentary maker to interview me.

This will come after footage of prisoner Luke Mitchell, convicted of killing Jodi Jones, passing a lie detector test was placed onto you tube with permission from The Ministry of Justice.  During my time in prison I have met no other prisoners maintaining innocence who are willing to sit the test and I believe that it will go a long way to helping Mitchell with his innocence campaign.

January also saw the launch of a new blog by one of my campaigners, it makes for great reading so catch up with the frequent updates at 


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber