Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Case of Jeremy Bamber at Cardiff Law School Innocence Week

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The third Cardiff Law School Innocence week will be held 25th - 28 February 2013. All week students, staff and members of the public will be raising awareness of the problem of wrongful convictions while at the same time raising funds for SWAWC. The two main public events which are free and open to the public will be on Monday 25th (Simon McKay solicitor for Jeremy Bamber with be talking about the case) and Thursday 27th (Adrienne Page QC will be talking about the Shieldfield Nursery case) both at 6pm – for schedule click here.

Want to know more about the paradigms of a Miscarriage of Justice? Jeremy Bamber’s Case is what is known as a ‘Classic Case’. This is a rare opportunity to find out more about how Jeremy’s case has been sustained by the crown for over 26 years and if there is hope of Jeremy ever seeing his case overturned in the court of appeal.

Leading human rights solicitor from Leeds, Simon McKay has been involved in many high profile cases including overturning the conviction of Corporal Lee Clegg from Bradford, who was convicted of shooting two teenage joy riders in Belfast in 1990. More recently he defended Sgt Danny Nightingale. He has also worked for the UK Government acting as a special adviser on criminal law in counter terrorism and human rights issues.

McKay also has experience of dealing with sensitive subjects for government and police clients as well as media and sport law. Oxford University Press recently published Simon’s book Covert Policing: Law and Practice and he is also an honorary fellow of the school of Law at Leeds University. McKay Law also participates in the University of Leeds Community Advice Clinic, and Simon is legal adviser to the Innocence Project also at the University of Leeds. He currently represents Jeremy Bamber pro-bono for the appeal against his conviction.

Follow Simon’s Law blog at http://simonmckay.wordpress.com or on twitter @SimonMcKay his human rights law tweets were recommended by the Guardian’s top tweeter @rydermc Matthew Ryder QC in 2012. Simon is also the author of the forthcoming book Undercover Cop: principles, good practice and pitfalls.

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber