Tuesday, 6 August 2013

"On the 28th Anniversary of the Killings"

On the 28th anniversary of the killings which took Jeremy's family away from him, I am reminded of the words spoken to me by Ann Whelan some years ago. Ann is the mother of Michael Hickey, wrongly convicted of the murder of 13 year-old Carl Brigewater. Michael served almost 17 years of a life sentence before being freed by the court of appeal.

Ann fought tirelessly for her son's release and became a beacon for many of the campaigns that followed.
I had asked her if she had any advice for other victims of miscarriages of justice and those who fight to set them free? She said they should "Be prepared for a long fight and not to expect any help from the system that created their injustice." She added that they had to "keep battling, even on the darkest days." 

I remember her wise words as I see Jeremy starting his 29th year of false imprisonment and I think of him and those on this website and beyond, who support his struggle for justice. It is indeed a long fight and there are dark days; such as the day the CCRC last refused to refer his case back to the court of appeal; but Jeremy battles on and so must we, his supporters.

We must believe we can win, we must believe that the walls of the Crown's case against Jeremy, built on lies, deceit and gross police misconduct, will come crashing down one day.The weight and power of the increasing mass of evidence of his innocence, must eventually prove too strong for the authorities to repel.

So, as we remember Jeremy's family, the struggle for truth and justice must continue. It will prevail.

Eric Allison. 

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber