Friday, 20 September 2013

"Almost Year 29, Another Milestone".

Almost year 29, another milestone and I wonder could this be ‘the year’ justice is served? Evidence, information used to establish facts in a legal investigation when the information is controlled, it’s possible to make facts from fiction. My case at trial was controlled to the point where every part of the prosecution’s case was fiction. For instance the jury were told that no more than twenty five people entered White House Farm on the 7th of August 1985. DC Hammersley stated that he didn’t even see that many people enter the house. The truth is that at the very least forty-five people went into the house that day and DC Hammersley was not one of them. He never came to White House Farm on the 7th of August; he says he did but it’s simply not true.

The fourth Scenes of Crime Officer at the house was DC Henderson, not DC Hammersley. Essex police and the CPS have kept that fact a secret, which might explain why DC Hammersley burst into tears during his interview with the City of London Police in 1991 when he blurted out “I didn’t find it”; (meaning the moderator) of course he didn't because he wasn’t even there that day and luckily for him and the Crown’s case The City of London Police were not aware of the switching of police officers who attended the scene. There are many other officers who attended the scene inside the house and did not make statements which suggests that their testimony was not what the police wanted it to be. We are now urging these retired officers to come forward and join the other witnesses who have contacted us.     

PS Bews has talked endlessly to the media during the last 28 years, so it came as a huge surprise to me to hear that he was involved in searching White House Farm and my house at Goldhanger. Oddly PS Bews makes no mention of this in any witness statements; in his pocket book; his trial testimony or during any of the many media interviews he has given. He carried out these searches with PC Myall and between them they seized about thirty exhibits which were also kept secret by Essex police; yet the prosecution exhibited some of these at trial stating that other police officers had seized them rather than admit that Bews and Myall had done so. It is not known why their involvement in the searches was kept secret but documents clearly prove their involvement. This information is the tip of the iceberg. We feel that putting this material into the public arena can do no harm. This proves many more witnesses perjured themselves at trial and perhaps the CPS will mention how Public Interest Immunity was misused to conceal evidence against me.

After 28 years of wrongful imprisonment, justice and freedom is long overdue. Thanks to all of my campaigners for your support I will see you very soon.


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber