Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Jeremy's 55th Birthday - 13th January

This week I will be turning 55 and I know I am lucky to have reached this age. I know my last thirty years have not seemed that great and to a point that’s true but to moan is so self-indulgent when I think of all those poor flood victims who didn’t deserve their lives to be turned upside down with events which may devastate their lives for years. Plus I’ve been watching the awful conflicts in Syria and Iraq and in so many Middle Eastern Countries, the awful deaths of civilians and troops; the displacement of peoples; the loss of everything, no one has done anything to deserve that, to suffer such dreadful loss, so here’s me moaning about my miscarriage of justice and I feel that so many others have equal and worse things to deal with.

However I do have a point and it’s maybe a little self-focused but justice around the world was and still is built on our so called “Great British Justice” but it’s got flaws and because the system takes so long to fix them it exports those flaws all around the world. Human Rights, our leader’s crow, have failed in this and that country, but they choose to be completely blind to the dreadful Human Rights failings in our own country. Not that it affects me too much right now, but the cuts in legal aid have really changed prison life in ways I’m not permitted to talk about in letters. Though these things are mild when compared to the Human Rights failings in our Criminal Justice System.

The State knows that my case is one that exposes a huge flaw in our Criminal Legal System, but in not fixing it, they continue to export and promote a system, which isn’t fit for purpose. In today’s terminology it has a bad program fault that seeps infection throughout the whole system.
My case if fixed, will improve the lives of many now and thousands in the future because it will make our Justice System better and almost honest, which it isn’t at the moment. If they don’t fix my case it proves the complete system is really corrupt because knowing and doing nothing is still corrupt.
So my birthday. Sure I’m almost old but I’m still fit and still fighting. The case is almost won and my freedom restored. I can’t say why or how but people involved in getting me convicted should be packing bags ready for some time in jail and it’s 100% fact this will happen, although I know in the coming weeks they will bluster and bleat many times, before as they have over the last 30 years. But, now we know that many just simply lied and lied and lied and disclosure has provided us with proof of that which cannot be denied.

So 2016 is the year where truth triumphs over all those mean and knowing lies. It sounds like I’m just saying this as some hollow bluster because I cannot say what we know. I’m “On advice” (a legal term) and allowed to say absolutely nothing but what I can say is that we now know the truth, almost the whole truth, almost, almost, and it won’t be too long before it is stated before the Lord Chief Justice and other Senior Appeal Judges. Those who have lied are soon to be exposed and brought to justice and that is going to be my belated birthday present of that I do feel sure.


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber