Sunday, 21 August 2011

"Freedom Fortnight" Make Your Voice Heard

"This week we launch our new letter writing campaign which has taken much work from both myself and a number of different campaigners who have supported me. Many have helped with the thousands of letters being sent out, many have carried out research or given a hand with legal expertise.

Some campaigners have contacts who have made a tremendous amount of difference to us obtaining evidence and presenting it in a way which will stand up in the courtroom. Many have incurred printing and postage costs and have spent hours typing or making amendments. And many have been a listening ear to the trials and tribulations of organizing such a large scale operation. We have employed the volunteer help of a large number of people and now all you need to do is send two letters to help me and change the face of British Justice forever.

We want a new and honest system that offers us all a brighter future, that is a better future for ALL victims of crime and that includes those who, like me, have been wrongly imprisoned as the result of criminal acts. Justice should no longer ignore the innocent victims but support them and carry out its role in putting right miscarriages of justice.

This blog is to celebrate the launch of what is to be the largest letter writing campaign a miscarriage of justice has ever seen. I will see you all very soon.”



Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber