Sunday, 4 September 2011

"Freedom Fortnight" Extended to 1st October

Owing to the success of the Freedom Fortnight campaign to free Jeremy, we have been asked by Universities if we can extend the time span for to allow for their letters and emails to be sent. Unsurprisingly, Freedom Fortnight will actually have turned into a much longer campaign. We have received correspondence from a large number of supporters letting us know that they have joined the campaign.

Jeremy himself has been under a pile of mail which he has sent from Full Sutton to key organizations and has received many letters of support from new campaigners joining us. He said that the number of people contacting him on a daily basis is “a tremendous support and shows just how many people now realize the extent to which the justice system fails innocent people.”

Recent publicity saw articles in the Essex County Standard, Heart Radio Essex and BBC Look East which suggested Jeremy’s legal team had opened new lines of enquiry. One can only guess that requesting disclosure of documents for 26 years is a new line of enquiry to the CCRC, to the Defence it is merely Jeremy’s right which has been refused illegally by the CCRC for so long.

Does this actually mean that the CCRC will do their job and use their powers of the Criminal Appeals Act 1995 s17 to obtain disclosure and not continue to accept the police’s refusal to disclose material using Data Protection laws to counteract all Freedom of Information requests?

Jeremy Bamber has an alibi, half of it is already disclosed in existing material so why the delay? We suggest that at a time when public confidence in policing and government is very low another scandal to add to the long list of miscarriages of justice is being narrowly avoided.

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber