Wednesday, 17 August 2011

"There is no legal aid to fund anyone fighting a miscarriage of Justice"

Regards today’s article in the Daily Mirror about Jeremy receiving legal aid. This the figures were published by the Legal Aid board. These claims for legal aid were for Jeremy Bamber to fight his case in the High Court. The Mirror and Express just made up what the money was actually used for and invented 13 parole hearings and money to fight non-disclosure of documents. The article was highly misleading and predudicial and bundled Bamber in with people who have admitted to the crimes they are convicted of.

To fight his whole life tariff in the European Court of Human Rights for example Jeremy has received less than a thousand pounds that is a fact. It is Jeremy's human right to fight a whole life tariff illegally imposed by the Home Secretary for a crime he didn’t commit. Ironically, all of Jeremy’s Freedom of Information requests for original handwritten documentation from the scene have been turned down by Essex Police.

As a campaign we would like to make clear that there is no legal aid available to fund anyone fighting a miscarriage of justice until there is a referral to the court of appeal, this means years of fighting to get to the court of appeal with no funding at all. So, currently there is no money for legal costs. This involves finding a lawyer who will work pro-bono, finding forensic scientists who will work pro-bono, finding a QC who will work pro-bono. Many of these people give their time for nothing, they don’t even get their travel costs paid. Let’s also not forget that forensic scientists, Lawyers and QC’s often charge hundreds of pounds per hour so where those wrongly imprisoned are expected to find the money to pay for this is beyond comprehension. The chances of the CCRC making a referral to the courts without forensic evidence and sumissions from a lawyer are slim.

There is also no money to transport documents, to store documents, to make electronic files of documents. No money to build web sites, to pay for leaflets or make videos. No money for campaigners who give their time free of charge. There was no funding available for a lie detector test for Jeremy to take which he passed. Everyone who works for Jeremy towards his freedom gives their time Free Of Charge. The Daily Express also reported that Jeremy Bamber has had 13 parole hearings, how is this possible as Jeremy is on a life means life tariff, he NEVER COMES UP FOR PAROLE.

The Mirror and Express didn't take into consideration that there are no funds for fighting a miscarriage of justice and that our justice system is full proof. There are many innocent people inside our prisons today, and perhaps the journalists publishing these articles wont ever have to face a life sentence for something they didn't do.

Perhaps the Mirror and Express would like to print an article to include the fact that public money is being used to keep an innocent man in prison, and Jeremy Bamber is not the only innocent who is behind bars needlessly. If the justice system didn’t constantly sweep evidence under the carpet then there would be no costs incurred the first instance. It is ultimately public money which will pay Jeremy compensation for wasting over half his life, but the Mirror and Express didn’t consider this fact: No amount of money will bring back the 26 years of Jeremy Bamber’s life which has been taken from him unlawfully.

Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber
Innocent Jeremy Bamber